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Air Purifiers
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             HIGH SKY               

           Your wellbeing is our highest concern            

Your physical health and wellbeing (quality of life) is dependent upon the quality of the food you eat, the water you drink and the air you breathe. As with food, due to the rise of contaminants (natural and man-made) in our air and water, clean air and water are no longer free, or available commodities. But now, to breath fresh air and to drink clean water, you need to be proactive and very selective. We at HIGH SKY can help you with choices that will supply both you and your family with high quality air and water.


      Air Purifiers    

Are you concerned about of breathing toxic air ?

Here at HIGH SKY, we are very concerned about the air quality in America.  We are concerned about what we are breathing, about what our families are breathing, about what our friends and coworkers are breathing, and about what you are breathing. That is why we offer you the highest quality air purifiers, designed to extract toxins, pollutants, VOCs and allergens from the air you breath in your home, in your office or in your car.

We carry a full line of air purifiers and filters designed to meet your air quality requirements and your budget. We carry purifiers that can clean up to 1200 square feet of home or office, and smaller units (thus more economical) designed to clean a single room. You can breath clean air again, in your own home within days, by choosing one of our air purifiers today from our Products list, or by calling us at 904-553-1445.

Return to healthy living now…. Take control of your air !

Factthe average person breathes 15 respirations a minute. With 60 minutes in an hour, that’s 900 breaths an hour. With 24 hours in a day that's 21,600 a day! 

Don't you want every one of those breaths to be full of pure air? 


Why not let us help you to make each breath one of pure air?

You may select the Air Purifier that best suits your needs by going to our Products list now !


    Water Purifiers    

Clean water is vital to a healthy lifestyle. Medical studies have shown that impurities and contaminants in drinking water can be deposited into the body's organs, bones and tissues where they may cause critical health issues.

Many locales are not blessed with a natural source of pure water. Other areas, which once enjoyed pure water, now find contaminants in their water sources. Potentially harmful chemicals are then added to municipal supplies in an effort to cleanse the water of bacteria and microbes.

Alternative sources of water, such as filtration systems can be cost prohibitive, and water bottled in plastic containers is now a health concern to many experts.

We at HIGH SKY strive to supply you with only the most effective and the most economical water purifiers and filters. These will be available soon...



HIGH SKY ... Enhancing YOUR Quality of Life



"Air and Water is the warp and woof of life"

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