How to choose the best loan


On the market you will find as many as a dozen loan companies providing free first loans. What is this about? After 30 days, we give back exactly the loan amount, without any fees, interest or commissions. Remember that promotions apply only to the first loans, each subsequent one is already paid. You can find the ranking of free loans here.


Pay back in 2 installments

installment loan

We repay most loans after 30 days. However, there are companies on the market where we can pay back the free payday loan after 45 days (Extrarich) and even in 2 installments (Cash Express). Spreading payments in installments is a great convenience for customers who do not want to give money back after 30 days.


Do you have a positive credit history?

Contrary to popular belief, payday loans are not products for people in debt with a negative credit history. The overwhelming majority of loan companies verify clients at the Credit Information Bureau (BIK) and selected business information offices. People with a negative credit history will only receive a loan from a few companies (Express Loop, Serratum Bank or Fundpick).


Check if you have a valid ID card

credit history?

To receive a payday loan online, we only need data from your ID card, bank account, mobile phone and email address. However, many people realize when you apply for a loan that you have an outdated ID card.


Money in 15 minutes?

Time to receive money is a key issue for people looking for loans online. A quick withdrawal is only possible if the loan company has an account with the bank from which we are making the verification transfer. The best companies have accounts in most Polish banks. Before sending your application, it’s a good idea to check this information on the loan company’s website.


Read reviews

money loan

As many as 80% of clients read Internet users’ opinions about a loan company before sending a loan application. This is a quick way to check whether the offer from the advertisement coincides with reality and what is the current time of receiving the loan.


Check if the company belongs to the Association of Loan Companies

The Association of Loan Companies is an organization of loan companies in Poland. The company’s membership is a confirmation that it applies the principles of responsible lending, respecting the interests of customers. A list of companies belonging to the ZFP can be found.


Submit the application on a business day

business loan

It’s best to apply for a loan from Monday to Friday, from 9am to 5pm. Only a few loan companies operate on weekends. We can submit an application at any time, but companies will process our application only on a business day.

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