Credit card with Airport Lounge access


Access to an airport lounge (also known as a priority pass) is an interesting additional service provided by credit cards for frequent flyers and business people who want to use the waiting time at the airport in a relaxed and productive manner. Find out more here. for more.

What is the Airport Lounge?

What is the Airport Lounge?

A flight can be very tiring. Well rested, it travels much better. The Airport Lounge offers you the luxury of a relaxing journey.

Generally, a passenger should appear on time. Many airlines recommend being there 2-3 hours beforehand. Check-in of luggage may be delayed unexpectedly. Since flights are not exactly cheap, punctuality is advisable. After you have checked in your bags, do a quick security check. You will then enter the terminal. Unfortunately, the seats in the entrance hall are often limited. In addition, they are not really cozy. There are only a limited number of power connections.

This is where the Airport Lounge comes in: you can make yourself comfortable there. Comfortable armchairs are made available to visitors. Usually there are also free snacks and drinks, even some spirits are included. The lounges are open 24 hours a day for business and private travelers.

General information about the Airport Lounge access at a glance:

  • Lounge access is known as a priority pass.
  • In total there are over 1,000 lounges in over 130 countries and 500 cities.
  • Some credit cards have a priority pass.

What are the advantages of the Airport Lounge access?

What are the advantages of the Airport Lounge access?

As already mentioned, you can use the lounge for relaxation. Some credit cards, such as the American Express Platinum, allow you to access the airport lounge. Just follow the signs with “Lounge” printed on it. You can stay there until boarding. In addition to the armchairs, magazines and work tables are also available. Of course, there is also a stable WiFi connection.

So you can use the waiting time until the flight productively. This is another advantage over the normal waiting area. It is difficult to work in all the noise – the airport lounge, however, offers a quiet atmosphere. There are even showers available for refreshment at larger airports. The credit card with the Priority Pass serves as an admission ticket, a prior reservation is not required.

A booking in the First Class category is required without a credit card. Otherwise you will be denied access to the Airport Lounge.

What to pay attention to?

What to pay attention to?

The Priority Pass is available in three versions:

  1. Standard: There are fees of 99 USD per year, 24 USD for each lounge visit.
  2. Standard Plus: Here you have to budget 249 USD a year. Compared to the standard version, you get 10 free visits, each additional visit costs 24 USD.
  3. Prestige: This variant is suitable for frequent flyers. It is the all-inclusive package for 399 USD a year, with no additional costs.

Make sure which priority pass your credit card contains. Those who travel less should choose the Standard or Standard Plus variants. Globetrotters or frequent flyers make the best choice with the Prestige Pass.

How high are the costs?

How high are the costs?

As a rule, the Priority Pass is only available for credit cards with credit lines. It is an additional service from the luxury segment. Therefore, it is not offered by free prepaid credit cards.

The American Express Gold credit card is a good example. It gives you access to the Airport Lounge. These are the exact conditions:

  • Reduced Priority Pass: Prestige for 299 USD, Standard Plus for 187 USD and Standard for 64 USD.
  • No basic fees in the first year.
  • From an annual turnover of 3,000 USD still free, otherwise 140 USD per year.
  • Cash fees: 4% of the withdrawal amount, at least 5 USD.
  • International travel health and travel cancellation insurance, Europe-wide vehicle protection certificate included.

The American Express Platinum credit card offers a full Priority Pass membership. For this, it costs an annual fee of 600 USD.

Conclusion: Anyone who suffers from fear of flying or does not board a plane in principle can do without the Airport Lounge. This additional credit card service is particularly worthwhile for consumers who travel every few months. Business travelers also benefit from lounge access as they can prepare for their meeting there.

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