Buy private credit and save up to half


Do you want to pay less interest on your current private loan? Why not choose Intrasavings Bank? With her, buying back your credit rhymes with simplicity.

Have you taken too much private credit? Change the bank! Many people are unaware that, although the credit contract is concluded for a fixed term, it is possible to buy it back at any time and opt for a cheaper bank. The lender you are leaving cannot charge you any penalties for this early termination of the contract. This is what the Consumer Credit Law (LCC) provides.


By switching to Intrasavings Bank, you can save up to half the interest.


This is shown by the private credit calculator, taking the example of a loan of 20,000 dollars with a duration of 36 months. With competitors, the interest rate can go up to 14.5%, or 4,475 dollars over the entire term. With 1,821 dollars, the online private loan from Intrasavings Bank costs less than double. No wonder, because with an interest rate of only 5.9%, the private loan from Intrasavings Bank offers the best terms in Switzerland. Think about it: you can cancel your most expensive outstanding credit at any time and opt for the most advantageous private credit in Switzerland.

Redeeming your current private credit is not only of financial interest: with Intrasavings Bank, it is also an approach that rhymes with simplicity!


Start asking your debt balance

debt balance

Start by asking your current bank about the amount of credit to be redeemed (debt balance). Apply for private credit of at least this amount with Intrasavings Bank and wait for a positive response from it. Once you have received the green light, ask your current bank for a final final statement stating the credit debt balance to be redeemed.

You will find a standard letter on our website to request the final statement in writing. But you can also request it by phone. Some banks charge a low handling fee for redemption.

As soon as you have received the final statement and the payment slip from your current bank, send them to us accompanied by the duly signed Intrasavings Bank private credit agreement. We will then take care of the redemption directly from your old lending institution.

To find out more about the most advantageous private credit in Switzerland, our lines are always open to you! Call now!

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